About Us

RAYPOM® is a brand founded at Hong Kong in 1995. We have been focusing on home decorative light for many years. We love this very much and always supply unique & top quality artworks.We’ve had many loyal customers over the years, and they all like our products very much.

*Where are our products manufactured:

We first produced it locally in Hong Kong. With the expansion of our business, Hong Kong's local production capacity could no longer meet our needs, so we moved our production factory to Zhongshan, Mainland China. Zhongshan has a well-established lighting manufacturing supply chain, as well as a number of partner factories for world-class home furnishing brands, so we also give the production work to this city, design and brand operation part in Hong Kong.


*How is the quality of your products:

At raypom, we are committed to quality first. We adhere to the industry’s highest quality standards in manufacturing our exclusive brands and carry celebrated name-brand products with high-valued features at amazing prices.

We offer a wide selection of decorative lighting  made in China to support local manufacturing, minimize our impact on the environment, and bring you the high-quality craftsmanship of decorative lighting .


*45 Days Easy Returns Guarantee

We take great pride in our reputation for quality and excellent value. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with a purchase, we'll assist you with a prompt refund or exchange. All returns for exchange or refund must be returned within 45 days from receipt date. Read our return/return policy for more information.

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